About Fluxsys

Fluxsy was formed in December 2013 by Dr John Reeve who was a former Ricardo Chief Engineer for the Electric Drives department.

Based in Coventry in the United Kingdom Fluxys are well placed to serve clients throughout the UK and around the world with the expertise and know how behind the latest technology related to electric drives, hybrid power solutions and associated controls.

The aim of Fluxsys is to use our skills and experience within your business to push hybrid power solutions and associated technologies into every-day vehicles and machinery. We find the most effective way of pushing these technologies forward is to work in an open & collaborative manner with like minded technical experts from the power sectors. Knowledge sharing is key to progressing into the future.

The key points that make up Fluxsys:


  • Dealing with others as we would like to be dealt with.
  • Working with partners and clients who share our values.


  • Doing work that we can look back and be proud of.
  • Working towards the common good.

Modest confidence / Humility

  • Our clients know their industries, products and clients the best.
  • We seek to supplement that knowledge with independent expertise.
  • Hence, we recognise that while being confident in our abilities, we will tread lightly in client organisations and help to unlock and maximise the existing intrinsic knowledge & experience.


  • We are confident in what we know and can achieve for clients.
  • Therefore, we are equally happy to admit to clients what we don’t know and, where appropriate, provide signposting to potentially more suitable sources of support.


  • Free exchange of ideas & innovation for mutual benefit and the common good while respecting confidences.
  • We seek to share our knowledge and experience with clients during projects to leave them more self-reliant when we leave.


  • Challenging received wisdoms and the Status Quo.
  • Seeking new and better solutions.
  • Investing a significant proportion of turnover in research, development and training to provide benefit to our clients.


  • Ask a supplier for the best solution to meet their requirements and it will generally be from their product line.
  • Ask FluxSys and we will offer expert independent advice to help find the best solution, wherever it comes from.


  • Seeking to identify existing solutions and products to satisfy client requirements but ready to design and innovate wherever appropriate.
  • Using appropriate tools & techniques that support the task at hand.


  • Committed to establishing & maintaining sustainable long term working relationships Education.
  • Helping to encourage, develop and retain future generations of electrical & electronic engineers .